Creating an Elevator Pitch

  Written by, Alison Hanks Ever find yourself unexpectedly face-to-face with a potential business contact or client? In the moment you freeze, mumble something about the crummy weather you’ve been having, and then (as they walk away) proceed to kick yourself for missing an excellent opportunity to connect. If you would have had an “elevator… Read More »

Business Writing 101

  Written by, Julie Busyn   Once someone discovers you have an English degree, you instantly become the go-to for proofing, editing, and creating a wide array of materials. You’re called on to write and weigh in on everything from original website content to legal contracts to social media posts for your kids’ school’s PTA.… Read More »

IMPACT Management Services Recognized by Michigan Veterans Affair Agency as a Veteran-Friendly Employer

        Written by, Tracy Budabin   IMPACT Management Services is proud to have been recognized by the Michigan Veterans Affair Agency as a Veteran-Friendly Employer! In our company, we have multiple employees who have veterans and active military in their family. This recognition aligns perfectly with our company core values of Be Excellent,… Read More »

Recruiting Through Social Media

    Written by, Renasha Johnson As recruiters, our role is to sort out qualified candidates for our clients and to form connections with them. When assessing a strategy to establish these connections, a few things are very important to consider: Where do most people “hang out” today? Where do they express ideas and interact… Read More »

APC/EA Summit 2018 – An EA’s Experience of Growth

  Executive Assistants… in reality, we’re just a group of relatively insane individuals who get their buckets filled by achieving the “impossible”, adding order to every nook and cranny of the business and personal lives of the people we support (and everyone else we come into contact with!), and helping to make our executives shine… Read More »

Keeping Strong Talent

    Written by Tiffani Weems Every successful business relies on positive results, to the bottom line, to stay competitive in their industry. Without a doubt, this is at the top of the priority list. But how is this truly accomplished? Leaders must count on high performing employees to maintain a competitive advantage. A dedicated… Read More »

Prioritizing Personal Growth

    Written by, Heather Skinner #GROWFAST #ORDIESLOW   As a wife, mom of 2 under 3, and working full time – there isn’t much “me” time. I made a choice, at the beginning of 2018, that it was time to schedule out some personal development time for myself. Watching my little girls run around… Read More »

Less Stressed, More Productive, Give it a Go!

  Written by, Tracy Budabin   Do you ever wake up feeling overwhelmed? Like you aren’t going to get everything done that you need to?  Here’s a system you can use to set up your day, or week, that will leave you feeling more accomplished, productive and less stressed. Organize Starting your day the same… Read More »

The Ongoing Value of Candidate Experience

  Written by, Kevin Wright As recruiters for a small company, it has become very evident that we separate ourselves, as a company, by exceling at providing the best experience possible for our candidates; without candidates we don’t have a business. However, it goes much deeper than simply focusing on the candidates that become our… Read More »

Hiring Trends in Wisconsin

    Written by Lindsey Lewis Wisconsin, in recent years, has seen great growth in hiring.  As for most companies in the US, we are seeing the baby boomers retire leaving a gap in the work force with not enough staff to fill in the holes.  In February of 2018, Wisconsin saw an all time… Read More »