How to Write A Killer Cover Letter

Ugh, the dreaded cover letter. Arguably, the most vital part of your job-hunt yet it is probably one of the most hated parts of it as well. How is it possible to explain the depth of your undeniable awesomeness in under a page? Also, how and what can you write that not only keeps your… Read More »

10 Tips to Master the Phone Interview

Phone interviews are becoming more and more common as the first stage in the current interview process. Sometimes, potential candidates go through as many as FOUR phone interviews before being brought in for a traditional, face-to-face interview. Here are 10 tips to master the phone interview every time: Charge your phone. Landlines are best, however,… Read More »

Acceptable Documents for I-9 Verification

An employee must show documentation to his/her employer to show their identity and authorization to work.  Please see the info below for accepted forms of documentation.  Please visit for additional details.   Documents that Establish Both Identity and Employment Authorization The documents on List A show both identity and employment authorization. Employees presenting a List A… Read More »

Ensure Career Success

You know the old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough become successful”? Okay, well that may not be the exact saying but nonetheless it’s true. Even though our economy has hit a few rough patches the past year or two, some people continue to be extremely successful. So how can you mirror that… Read More »