Talent ARC (Talent Acquisition/Retention/Consulting)

IMPACT Talent ARC is a full-service Talent Acquisition Consulting Firm specializing in non-exempt hiring. We are well equipped to support our partners in meeting/exceeding their Talent Acquisition Goals. Our services are broken down into three customizable programs: ATTRACT, ENGAGE, RETAIN. We are guided by our three differentiators:

  • Data: Monitor progress and catch any trends
  • Candidate/Employee Care: Understand what our customers are looking for and how we become an employer of choice
  • Transparent Communication: Communicate with our partners to understand our opportunities for continuous improvement


IMPACT will partner with you to customize an Attract/Recruiting strategy. Our goal is to create a great candidate experience as well as brand reputation to attract the top talent in the market.

  • Pay best practices
  • Partner specific creation and implementation of the Attract Program
  • Top of the funnel advertising
  • Interview process setup and management
    • Hiring Manager training on interview best practices
  • Process alignment and accountability for each step in the interview process
  • High touch, white-glove experience to provide the candidate a day in the life of the role
  • IMPACT’s proprietary Recruit to Exclude process


IMPACT will work with our partner to create a best-in-class onboarding program that will ensure the initial 90-day period is achieving the following goals:

  • Provides tools to set the employee up for success
  • Surveys and check-ins to detail the employee’s journey
  • Employee feedback through 3rd party data
  • Ensure the Employee is welcomed and set up for success
  • Career development opportunities
  • Process roadmap with visual management
  • Attendance tracking and process implementation


IMPACT continues to work with our partners to become the Employer of Choice. Past 90 days of employment, the employee truly begins to affect the culture of the building and IMPACT will work with the site to continue to engage the employees.

  • Pay Increases
  • Career trajectory
  • Employee success stories
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee appreciation
  • Surveys and data to track progress
  • Exit Interviews

IMPACT’s recruiting options may be customized as follows:

  • RPO Model
  • Hire and Train Local Recruiting Resources
  • Retained search
  • Contingent Hiring Model