Hiring the Ritz-Carlton Way: For Heart

Written by, Allie Blair I had the honor of spending the past three days at The Ritz Carlton with some amazing co-workers. During our stay, my co-workers and I had the chance to meet with the General Manager, Greg. We asked Greg what the most important quality is that he looks for in every potential… Read More »

Where Are YOU Going?

    Written by Alexia Pierce Have you ever ordered a meal and when you received it, it looked nothing like what was pictured? Did you immediately want to send it back to the kitchen and ask for a new meal? Did it look as though the cook just thrown some ingredients together and rushed… Read More »

The Value of Communication

        Written by, Dave Giles Communication plays an important role in all aspects of life and business.  It can help inform, guide and inspire.  So why do people shy away from it?  Are we afraid of tough conversations?  Do we think what needs to be communicated may not be that significant?  Regardless… Read More »

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals in 2019

  Written by, Tracy Budabin Goal Setting: When to do it. Why to do it. And is it really that big of a deal?   Each year starts with people talking about what they want to accomplish in the new year; by March, most have given up on their goals.  Then they spend a lot… Read More »

Personal Development and How to Grow Fast or Die Slow

  Written by, Melissa Telecky   Be All In, Be Excellent, Be Authentic, Be Fun, Win, and Grow Fast… 6 core values that encompass the IMPACT culture.  It’s what makes us who we are as a whole and influences our everyday decisions and actions. However, if you were to ask an IMPACT team member which Core… Read More »

The Difference

  Written by, Sarah King If you were to read my resume, you’d be left scratching your head.  My work experience spans from restaurants, automotive manufacturing, and hotel sales, to human resource management.  The reasoning behind it is a long, interesting story- but perhaps that’s for another blog. The lover of silver linings that I am… Read More »

The Power of Corporate Giving

    Written by, Alison Hanks In the past, Corporate Giving has been a decision held firmly in the hands of C-Suite executives and HR managers. An organization was selected annually and a lump sum was donated, checking the giving box for that year. While this option was undeniably generous and impactful, in recent years,… Read More »

Finding the Right Professional Fit

  Why I Chose IMPACT Management Services Written by, David Reid I would like to tell you about my first recruitment experience in the USA. I’m European, have over 20 years of experience in recruitment, and consider myself very fortunate to have worked closely in partnership in Europe, the USA, and Australasia supporting many of… Read More »

Creating an Elevator Pitch

  Written by, Alison Hanks Ever find yourself unexpectedly face-to-face with a potential business contact or client? In the moment you freeze, mumble something about the crummy weather you’ve been having, and then (as they walk away) proceed to kick yourself for missing an excellent opportunity to connect. If you would have had an “elevator… Read More »

Business Writing 101

  Written by, Julie Busyn   Once someone discovers you have an English degree, you instantly become the go-to for proofing, editing, and creating a wide array of materials. You’re called on to write and weigh in on everything from original website content to legal contracts to social media posts for your kids’ school’s PTA.… Read More »