Balancing Efficiency and Relationships for Successful Recruiting

Written by, Nicole McIntyre

When utilizing staffing agencies for contract-to-hire and long-term positions, one of the biggest determining factors in finding and keeping high-quality associates is establishing and maintaining relationships. Associates need to feel comfortable with their employer in order to create a healthy give-and-take relationship where efforts toward success are matched on both sides.
Finding a way to balance the time needed to recruit new individuals, while also managing and developing current associates, can create a heavy workload, especially when trying to put the very best effort into each. This can be achieved, however, with creative approaches and a strategic overall structure.

Team Strategy
At IMPACT Management Services, we have a team system – each team works together on specific clients.
Account managers and 2-3+ recruiters (depending on the number of clients/associates) are assigned to each team; this allows for clear coverage and breakdown of duties. To carry this out successfully, organization and communication are key.
A great way to find a balance between efficiency and building a strong relationship with new associates is by introducing them to each member of the team they will be working with. This can be done in-person, or by providing business cards and contact information. Helping associates understand how their needs will be managed, and by whom specifically, will make them feel more welcome, while also providing multiple points of contact and support.

Communication Methods
In addition to having a great team strategy to divide tasks and share responsibility for all aspects of associate care, another area to focus on are the communication methods presented to associates. Here are a few strategies to help ensure communication is available, consistent, and efficient:
• Offer multiple communication options
• Regularly schedule on-site visits or provide a full-time, on-site recruiter
• Set realistic timeframe expectations for responses
• Provide resolutions for common issues before the issues arise

Offering multiple options for communication helps encourage associates to reach out to their team, as this allows them to use the method they feel the most comfortable with. However, an important aspect of this is providing a realistic expectation of response time for each communication method. While many facilities operate 24/7, most staffing agencies do not. Employees on every shift should feel that they can communicate with their team when needed, though it’s important to understand that we don’t operate on the same shifts they do and sometimes responses could take longer. This is especially true during evening and weekend hours.

On-site recruiters or scheduled visits are other great options, as it provides a high level of service and convenience to have access to a recruiter within the workspace. This is especially beneficial for people who prefer discussing questions or concerns in-person. Regularly scheduled visits (or regular hours for full-time, on-site recruiters) help provide a consistent schedule for the team, increasing their efficiency, and giving associates comfort knowing when can expect to see their employer at their workplace.

Multiple methods can work for increasing efficiency, while still being personable and having quality relationships with contract employees. The most important part is making sure to find the right balance between the two and understanding the value of excellent communication and teamwork.

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