Myths About the Staffing Industry

Written by, Chelsea Prince

Top 5 Myths about the Staffing Industry:

There are many benefits to using a staffing agency, for both employers and job seekers. Working with a staffing agency allows employers to get crucial time back in their day to deal with more pressing issues. Staffing agencies also help job seekers find the right fit for their skills. There are still some common myths associated with using a staffing agency. Read on for the 5 most common myths.

Myth 1: Staffing agencies only place temporary employees

Here at IMPACT, we are looking to work with top employers offering long-term, full-time employment to our workforce. We do receive an occasional temporary position, but that is based on the employer’s request. We strive to find the best fit for both the employer and job seeker!

Myth 2: The candidates you get from staffing agencies are job hoppers

We are looking to place individuals that will be a long-term cultural fit for your organization, and we use a 5-step process to weed out candidates that aren’t a good fit. This ensures we are placing the top employees in your area. There is also a chance that the candidate has only worked with true “TEMP” agencies and this is the reason for their short-term position history, and what has motivated them to seek a long-term opportunity.

Myth 3: Staffing agencies are too expensive to use

Using a staffing agency will save you time and, in turn, save money! The agency incurs the drug testing, background check, interviewing time, onboarding and additional costs associated with placing employees. Also, if there is an employee from IMPACT you really like, you are able to bring them on full-time after the contract with IMPACT is over.

Myth 4: All staffing agencies are the same

We set ourselves apart from the competition through our associate care package, meaning we are looking to coach our associates to full-time employment with the company they’re placed at by making weekly touchpoints and check-ins with them. IMPACT also works with our partners to set a strategy to keep associates engaged and proactively retain talent. Lastly, IMPACT has our associates and partners best interest at heart and will always provide authentic communication and solutions.

Myth 5: Staffing agencies charge employees to find them work

Employers compensate staffing agency for hiring employees. All employees, placed by an agency, are paid 100% of their wages. Using an agency has its benefits, as sometimes we are able to negotiate a higher wage on the job seeker’s behalf since we are the experts and have the knowledge needed to make better deals.


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