Adapting with the Market


Written by, Taylor Yops

In the last six months, the US has seen the lowest national unemployment rates in nearly 50 years; the result of an increased demand, and a shrinking supply, of qualified applicants. While strong hiring has various positive economic impacts, this low level of unemployment has made filling open positions with appropriate and quality candidates increasingly more difficult. To continue placing and retaining the best talent, everyone must adapt to these changes and implement new approaches such as targeting passive candidates, building talent pools, and focusing on each candidate’s individual experience. Luckily, many of these trends are already ingrained into the IMPACT culture and are a part of what make us successful.


In addition to these systemic trends, recruiters on an individual basis also must keep in mind how important it is to avoid complacency, and to continuously analyze our own methods and strategies in interacting with and recruiting potential candidates. Given the low unemployment, it is more important now, than ever, to efficiently place the best candidate for a given vacancy, and also to exhaust any and all potential candidates in search of the individual with the best fit. By continuously critiquing our own performance and attitudes and by focusing on the various trends above, we can increase the effectiveness of our recruitment process and ensure we continue to efficiently hire and retain the best talent now, and in the future.


IMPACT already follows all of these trends, as part of our recruitment process. We are learning to be ahead of the game in the recruitment world, this has helped us to continue to effectively place top talent to top companies in our area.




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