The Value of Communication





Written by, Dave Giles

Communication plays an important role in all aspects of life and business.  It can help inform, guide and inspire.  So why do people shy away from it?  Are we afraid of tough conversations?  Do we think what needs to be communicated may not be that significant?  Regardless of the reason, communication should never lack significance. In my two years of recruiting, I cannot begin to tell you how valuable communication has been throughout my career here at Impact.

Communicating with associates and clients has helped me build stronger partnerships. It’s helped me effectively inform associates of what’s expected of them; letting them know where their strengths are and how they could possibly improve. Through open communication, they knew how invested I was in their growth and careers.  They also knew that with this job, they were exactly where they were supposed to be.

It’s also helped my account manager and I build an effective team.  We both know what’s expected of each other.  I know when I’ve messed up, but I’m also reminded of achievements.  We are both working towards the same goal, and we both know how to achieve it because we have discussed the why and how.

Now, not all conversations are going to be easy. Sometimes they’re awkward. Sometimes you’re not going to have the best of news, but I’ve discovered that those tough conversations have made me grow into a better recruiter and person.  Sometimes, the best results come from the toughest conversations.

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