The Difference


Written by, Sarah King

If you were to read my resume, you’d be left scratching your head.  My work experience spans from restaurants, automotive manufacturing, and hotel sales, to human resource management.  The reasoning behind it is a long, interesting story- but perhaps that’s for another blog. The lover of silver linings that I am views the collectiveness of it as vast experience and in-depth knowledge of various industries, which I view as a strength. I have had jobs and teams that I loved, as well as toxic environments with lousy leaders.  I’ve been thrown under the bus, promoted quickly, fed to the wolves, lead teams, been terminated unexpectedly, and a myriad of experiences beyond those.  That being said, through all that I’ve learned a lot about who I am and the kind of company I want to work for.

I’ve worked on the HR side of an IMPACT partnership twice in my career.  I absolutely loved what they brought to the table and the way they worked, not just as a staffing provider, but as part of the team.  After my last assignment ended, I immediately got a call from IMPACT wanting me to join their team.  I was so excited, but even then, I had no idea what I was in for.  The interview process was tedious, but for good reason. Their process works; and I had to go through it to see for myself.  So, when our Vice President, Joe, called to offer me the position, I knew I had earned it and that everyone was going to support exactly who I am, because they know exactly who I am.

At IMPACT, I found what so many people are looking for right now; a place with a leadership team that just gets it. They recognize what employee engagement and appreciation looks like and how to make sure we all feel it, live it and breathe it every day. They know the influence of people feeling supported and safe and they remind us all the time. Long before I arrived, they had very thoughtfully come up with our core values, and through that the identity of our company.  They are posted on the wall for us all to see and we talk about them every day: Be Excellent, Be Fun, Be Authentic, Grow Fast, Win, Be All-In.

If you’ve taken the time to read any of our blogs, you’ll see that we’re all pretty excited about working here.  We all really like this team and support each other at every step. This culture federates through to the associates we place and career coach.  We know what we’re doing when it comes to finding the right people and the right fit for the companies we partner with.

We walk into our partnerships with the intention of spreading this kind of culture and heart into everything we do.  Our President, Pete Davis, calls this the “Positive Ripple Effect” and we all agree that it’s the only way we’ll do business. We’re different, and we’re proud of it. I wish everyone had an opportunity to work for a company that is as thoughtful, passionate and appreciative as this one. I’m grateful to be here and so incredibly excited to see where this new journey takes me.



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