Recruiting Through Social Media



Written by, Renasha Johnson

As recruiters, our role is to sort out qualified candidates for our clients and to form connections with them. When assessing a strategy to establish these connections, a few things are very important to consider: Where do most people “hang out” today? Where do they express ideas and interact with each other, daily? The answer is – ONLINE!

On average, the people you know, both personally or professionally, has at least 2 social media accounts. People migrate to social media to share what’s on their minds and to connect with others for employment, sales, entertainment, etc. Think about it, when you’re looking for a reference, one of the most common groups to reach out to is your Facebook friends. These sites have also become incredibly useful for the average recruiter; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and now Instagram offer tremendous opportunity to connect with candidates.

Most companies use social media, but what are some ways we can successfully use it and benefit more from it? According to, here are a few key pointers:

  • Participate in the right conversations

This means being active on social media, active in groups, and creating hashtags.

For example, if you were posting jobs in Facebook groups for “I need a job”, “Michigan employment”, or Twitter you could hashtag #WhosHiring.

  • Promote your Culture

Just posting a position will not do the job! You should also post or share about the exciting things that are happening within your company. Why is your company a great place to work? Post success stories about candidates, why you chose a specific person for a job, or beyond that how you made a “Impact” on someone’s current position or role. Have you done something to make someone’s experience better? Speak about it and Share it!

  • Involve every employee

One person cannot make a difference it takes a village. Allowing employees to talk about their work in a professional manner goes a long way! What do they love about their job as a recruiter? Encourage your entire staff to share openings and become spokespersons for your brand on social media.

  • Help your recruiters develop a social media presence

Corporate accounts can only accomplish so much. Each recruiter should have their own professional accounts where they are active on a regular basis and make person-to-person connections with candidates.

Following these steps can only help your company become that well-oiled machine every corporation strives to be. The benefits are limitless with social media, with one of the highlight benefits being that it’s FREE! Having your job posts sponsored can be quite expensive, social media recruiting is completely free. You also can filter out bad candidates. When people share or post things via social media you can decipher whether the candidate has a bad attitude by seeing what they share. Most importantly people share what they love and what they are passionate about, easy way to help them start a job that will become a dream career.



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