APC/EA Summit 2018 – An EA’s Experience of Growth


Executive Assistants… in reality, we’re just a group of relatively insane individuals who get their buckets filled by achieving the “impossible”, adding order to every nook and cranny of the business and personal lives of the people we support (and everyone else we come into contact with!), and helping to make our executives shine in every possible moment of their days – no matter what it takes to do so.


This week, I was lucky enough to have IMPACT support my journey toward professional and personal improvement by attending the Administrative Professionals Conference/EA Summit in Orlando, Florida. At the conference, I spent 4 days immersed in new information and strategies, absorbing tips and tricks to take my current skills and knowledge to the next level, and surrounded by “my people”. (See definition above)


Out of the excessively tempting list of sessions, I chose to attend classes on Personality Assessments, Outlook, Taming Tasks and Deadlines, Motivating a Team, Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Giving, and many more. The days were packed full of information and tips that I eagerly absorbed while thinking of numerous situations, and people, at IMPACT who could also benefit from this new knowledge and strategy!


This experience provided an opportunity for me to grow – as both an assistant and an individual. I learned as much from my colleagues as I did from the speakers. You see, Executive Assistants are an interesting breed; they will nod enthusiastically in conversations about empowerment, asserting themselves as business partners and strategists, and gaining control over every wish and demand the job brings to their plates. A second later, they can be moved to tears if any cord of emotion or caring is struck. If you ask me, EAs are pretty good stuff!


Having the opportunity to celebrate, empower, and feel with similarly wired, strong individuals is an experience that changes you from the inside out. Whatever your profession, I encourage to reach out to your people, to connect, and to encourage each other to reach new heights. Attend a conference, organize quarterly meetings, or just meet for a drink! Connect with people who push you to improve and to morph to your next level of self.


“It’s not who you think you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.”

-Denis Waitley


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