Keeping Strong Talent



Written by Tiffani Weems

Every successful business relies on positive results, to the bottom line, to stay competitive in their industry. Without a doubt, this is at the top of the priority list. But how is this truly accomplished? Leaders must count on high performing employees to maintain a competitive advantage. A dedicated and driven staff will be motivated to accomplish goals and meet quotas. Productive employees become an intricate part of the success of the business. It is important for leaders to be proactive to ensure that they retain their valuable employees.

Great leaders will put an emphasize on ensuring that their employees feel recognized, valued and engaged. Leaders should stay current on market salary rates, attractive benefit packages, and best practices on how to maintain a collaborative workplace culture. Clear expectations for manager-employee relations will support transparency and ensure that employees feel supported. Being creative and straying away from traditional models will ensure that business remains competitive in a market that favors the employee. These steps will help you keep employee satisfaction high and turnover low, while guaranteeing your organization’s success.

As the business grows, employees develop a positive attitude and a level of confidence that continues to drive their success. A strong foundation that includes structured onboarding and training plans will allow employees to continue to improve which in turns increases their value to the company. As leaders in the staffing industry it is important that we are speaking up, standing out, and making sure we are not only modeling these expectations, but encouraging our business partners to do the same. We must be the change we want to see.

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