The Ongoing Value of Candidate Experience


Written by, Kevin Wright

As recruiters for a small company, it has become very evident that we separate ourselves, as a company, by exceling at providing the best experience possible for our candidates; without candidates we don’t have a business. However, it goes much deeper than simply focusing on the candidates that become our associates.

One thing that we need to remember is that our candidates are also an influencer AND a potential referrer. Just because someone may not be interested in our positions, or not be the right fit for us at that time, they are still valued influencers who not only give us referrals but share the experiences they have with others. We can’t be so concerned about our short-term need that we miss the long-term, and more valuable, opportunities that are in front of us.

If we miss the mark and don’t treat candidates with the best experience possible, we are doing more damage to our current and future selves than we think. With good candidate experiences we can become a valued individual in someone’s personal network, validate a candidate by comparing their influence, add a valuable referrer, and engage with candidates based on their shared experiences. When we reach out to candidates, we need be sure we are thinking of them as potential collaborators and partners, not just someone to fill a role.




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