Hiring Trends in Wisconsin



Written by Lindsey Lewis

Wisconsin, in recent years, has seen great growth in hiring.  As for most companies in the US, we are seeing the baby boomers retire leaving a gap in the work force with not enough staff to fill in the holes.  In February of 2018, Wisconsin saw an all time low in unemployment hitting 2.9%.  This creates a great opportunity for those looking for jobs, but on the flip side it creates a struggle for those of us looking to hire.


What we are finding is that the workforce is now able to demand a pay that has typically not been seen for entry level positions.  There are so many opportunities for those looking for positions, they can pick the best position for them causing many companies to have to try and fill the gap.


Typically, what we see on a national level is when the unemployment rate is low this signifies a healthy economy, which also starts an upward trend in pay for workers.  Currently Wisconsin has not followed this trend with wage growth and shows that it may continue to stay the same for a while. With all of these details Wisconsin still has set a record high for those employed in the state.


Working in the staffing market we are excited to see the opportunities continue to rise for our associates.  The benefit to our customers is that they can create an environment that will attract top talent and continue to grow their business, not only in Wisconsin, but nationally as well.


Source: Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development



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