Interning at IMPACT

Interning at IMPACT

Written by Lexie Thompson

Hello, my name is Lexie Thompson and I have spent the last four months working as the Compliance Intern at IMPACT Management Services. From my very first day at IMPACT, everyone was beyond nice and helpful, and made my transition into this internship as smooth as it could be. The very first week I hit the ground running with BG checks, folders, Garnishments and many more tasks I was assigned to. Over the past 13 weeks, I have learned so many valuable things that will help me in my journey through school and into the real “adult” world. I realized how fast of a learner I am when I had to adapt to the ins-and-outs of IMPACT’s systems, that I had never used or heard of before.

One of my favorite things about IMPACT was the Core Values and how much of a role they played in the everyday approach and festivities. IMPACT’s Core Values include:






#Be All In

Everything we did at IMPACT clearly reflected these Core Values. My favorite Core Value was #Be All In. I know that everyone loves to feel appreciated and successful in every aspect of life, so for me Being All In meant going that extra mile to make sure someone knew I appreciated all that they do. Also, taking the extra steps in any process; it might have taken me longer to finish the job, but I knew that it helped out everyone else. Each person at IMPACT went above and beyond to make sure we we’re giving our associates the best candidate experiences they could have.

There are SO many reasons why interning at IMPACT was an amazing experience. I was able to broaden my horizons in the business field while learning new information that pertains to my Pre-Law background. Feeling so valued and having the experience of everyone requesting my contributions was such a good feeling. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer with any other company; the management and employees were so caring and I could not have gotten any luckier. I can’t thank the back-office team enough for all that they have done for me. It was very empowering to feel that my opinions and ideas were valued and implemented. I am so sad to be leaving IMPACT to return to school, but I am transitioning back to college confident that I have left a positive mark on IMPACT and knowing that each person here helped me grow.

Thank you, IMPACT.


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